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Lisa Curenton  Email

Where are you from? Mission Viejo California

Is Thorsten participating in any fan events this Fall in California?

Laura Costa Email

Where are you from? Canada

Hi Thorsten!

Your outstanding performances are enthralling every time! I feel awful that I didn't follow

your earlier work. You are A- MA- ZING! Continued success!

Margherita Email

Where are you from? Italy

Dear Thorsten, 

You are such a breath of fresh air, I was really impressed by the things you have accomplished in life, your varied interests, and your believe in giving back. 

I never watched soap operas until last summer, when I was having lunch on holiday with my dog and I saw you were the 'new' Ridge (I was a teenager when I used to watch B&B with my mother...) and since then I watch it online in the evening (pity you are dubbed in Italian...). You are an excellent actor and deserve the best in your career, but I think you can make many people happy in your role in B&B and, even though your character has done some silly things over time, you make look Ridge as an angel...

My best wishes for your career and thank you for being such an inspiration through your charitable causes.


Andrea carter 

Where are you from? Jacksonville,florida

I love as ridge on the bold and the beautiful .I think you should marry Brooke and not worry about you miss Caroline not being around .

Sarah Norway Email

Where are you from? New York

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Thorsten and his wife, Susan Haskell.  I have been a fan of theirs for many years...since One Life to Live!  Thank you for the selfie! It made my night! [biggrin]  Much love...
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